For Mother’s Day we took my Mother to the Art and Chocolate event in Santa Cruz.  This is an annual event where the artists open their studios for the weekend and people can come see the work of local artists and enjoy some chocolate while doing it.

Art & Chocolate SignIt was a beautiful day on Sunday and we set out for our drive of about an hour an a half.  The roads were clear and we made good time without any stops.  Our primary destination was the home of my cousin Paul Rodrigues and his wife Amy Stark.  They are both artists and were participating in the tour.

After the greetings and getting my Mother settled, I took a walk of a few blocks to the ocean, enjoying the sun and greeting the people who were out.  There was a nice breeze which helped clear the air.

There were a lot of surfers out enjoying the waves and even a couple of dolphins and sea lions out in the bay. The poppies were in bloom and provided a nice contrast to the blue of the ocean.

This is one of many pictures I snapped while enjoying the view:

When I returned to the house, we haPoppies-&-the-Bay-at-Santa-Cruzd a great time visiting with Paul and Amy and the people touring the studios.






This is a picture of Paul in his studio.Paul-in-studio-300x192







Paul works primarily in pastel chalks and this is a picture of some of his work.







Amy-&-Water-Colors-300x200Amy works in watercolors and this is a picture of her with some of her paintings.






Amy also works in a media called encaustic which is colored beeswax.  It produces some vibrant colors and images of incredible depth.  This picture really does not do her work justice but here is a picture of her with some of her encaustics.


Paul doesn’t have a website but you can find out more about Amy’s work on her website here.  As always, we enjoyed our visit with Paul and Amy and my Mother had a great day as well.

How was your Mother’s day? Did you do something special? Please leave a comment below and share it with us.




Jim was born in Oakland and with the exception of his 7 years in the Air Force, has lived in the San Francisco Bay Area his entire life. He is an avid fan of San Francisco and its surrounds and enjoys the beauty, culture and diversity it affords. He enjoys being able to take day trips to the ocean, the desert or to some of the highest peaks on the continent. He likes having the ability to travel from a metropolis with millions of people to a quiet spot with only nature around him within a few hours of driving time.