It has been about a month since we started our stay at home practice as a result of the covid-19/corona virus outbreak.  This has been challenging for everyone.  I have finally decided that it is time to start talking about it and some of the things that we are doing to keep from going nuts.  I hope that this will give some of you some ideas on things to do and will take your mind off of all that is going on.

First, I have some suggestions.  Number one is to limit your exposure to the news.  I know it is addictive, I have been there.  But right now it is so negative that it is really bad for your mental and physical health to do to much watching.  Second, find something positive to do every day to lift your spirits.  That is going to be different for everyone but suggestions include reading a good book, having a virtual visit (more on that later) with a friend, find a way to spread a little happiness to someone else or just look for some beauty around you.

Right now it is important to stay in touch with others and for me, just having a phone call is not enough.  It is better to be able to see the person.  There are many ways to do this but, we have started using Zoom and Facetime.  Facetime is great for one on one conversations, but we like Zoom for connecting with several people at the same time.  You can get a free Zoom account and have an unlimited chat with one other participant or talk up to 40 minutes with a group of people.

There are several ways to spread a little happiness.  It can be as simple as saying thank you to the clerk at the grocery store or making a drawing of an Easter egg or finding a stuffed teddy bear and putting it in your window so that children can “find” it when they are out on walks with their family.

Beauty is around us everywhere and we only have to look for it.  The above picture is from our backyard.  Beauty is all around us.  Stop and enjoy it.

What are you doing to keep entertained while staying at home?  Share a comment or a picture.  Stay safe.

Jim was born in Oakland and with the exception of his 7 years in the Air Force, has lived in the San Francisco Bay Area his entire life. He is an avid fan of San Francisco and its surrounds and enjoys the beauty, culture and diversity it affords. He enjoys being able to take day trips to the ocean, the desert or to some of the highest peaks on the continent. He likes having the ability to travel from a metropolis with millions of people to a quiet spot with only nature around him within a few hours of driving time.