Today is the day for the San Francisco Walk Like MADD.  This is the annual fundraiser for Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) in the bay area.  For those of you who don’t know, MADD works to end drunk and drugged driving.  This 100% preventable crime kills approximately 10,000 people annually in our country and injures hundreds of thousands more.

Working primarily through volunteers, MADD provides educational programs, gives support to victims and their families and works with the legislature and law enforcement to fulfill its mission.  Statistics show that two out of every three people will be impacted in some way by a drunk driver.

Please consider supporting this deserving cause by either coming out to walk with us or by donating.  You can do this and get more information by going here and clicking on either the register or the donate button.

Jim was born in Oakland and with the exception of his 7 years in the Air Force, has lived in the San Francisco Bay Area his entire life. He is an avid fan of San Francisco and its surrounds and enjoys the beauty, culture and diversity it affords. He enjoys being able to take day trips to the ocean, the desert or to some of the highest peaks on the continent. He likes having the ability to travel from a metropolis with millions of people to a quiet spot with only nature around him within a few hours of driving time.