Whether you are a first-time visitor or a long-time resident, San Francisco offers hundreds of choices of things to do.  Many of them are well know but there are also many gems hidden among the hundreds, if not thousands of places and activities.

The purpose of this section is to provide you with assistance in sifting through and organizing those choices in order to make your time in this great city a unique and pleasurable experience.  This will be a many-part series that is intended to present you with both the general overview of things to do in San Francisco and insight into the many not so well known gems that make the city by the bay so unique.

If you live in San Francisco and are looking for something unique to do for a special night out or you are just here to visit San Francisco and are looking for information, this is the place for you!

Each neighborhood in San Francisco has many things to offer and many of our articles will be neighborhood focused so that if you are in the Marina District, the Mission District, Telegraph Hill or some other area, you will be provided with a quick reference to help you plan your time.

Of course, there are also many individual sights, businesses and events in our great city.  At times, we will focus on one of these and give you a detailed guide to that particular item.  We know that our visitors have a wide range of interests and we will keep that in mind as we develop this column.

If you have any suggestions for things for us to review and/or highlight, please be sure to leave us a comment below or use the contact us section to make your suggestion.  While we can’t promise that we will review your suggestion here, we will consider them all.

In closing, come back here often, remember to dress in layers and have a wonderful time enjoying our great city!

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Jim was born in Oakland and with the exception of his 7 years in the Air Force, has lived in the San Francisco Bay Area his entire life. He is an avid fan of San Francisco and its surrounds and enjoys the beauty, culture and diversity it affords. He enjoys being able to take day trips to the ocean, the desert or to some of the highest peaks on the continent. He likes having the ability to travel from a metropolis with millions of people to a quiet spot with only nature around him within a few hours of driving time.